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Many couples desperately want to have children, but are unable to conceive. Months or years of trying definitely make people want answers. These couples want to know why they haven’t been able to get pregnant, and they want to know now. So, most of the time these couples turn to all of the...

Women Want to Know – What is IVF?

Posted Saturday, October 20, 2012 2:31 PM

Answered: What is IVF?Have you heard other women talking about IVF to help them conceive? Are you having trouble conceiving and curious about IVF? What Is IVF? IVF is a short way of saying in vitro fertilization. It is a method that many women choose to help them conceive whenever they are unable to achieve conception through other methods of fertility treatment. The time that it is most often used is when the fallopian tubes have a blockage, the male is infertile or when there is the need for an egg from a donor.

Understanding the Process of IVF

If you are one of those women who have been wondering what is IVF and how can it help me, the best way to go about things is to learn about the process. The treatment begins at the same time as your menstrual cycle. There will be a number of tests run, including blood work and an ultrasound. Once this is complete, you will begin taking a fertility drug to help increase your chances. You will be taking the drug 2-4 times per day and the treatment will last up to 10 days. During this period you will be closely monitored.

Second Stage of IVF

Once your time taking the fertility drug is done, you will proceed to the next stage of answering the question: what is IVF. The next part of the treatment includes getting a shot of HCG or human chorionic gonadatrophin. This is a hormone that is normally found in the body during pregnancy and the shot is given to prepare the body for that state. If your body is not properly prepared, then it may reject the implantation of the egg and the process will have to begin again.

Final Stage of IVF

This is the final and most important answer to the question: what is IVF. Once your follicles are ready, the clinic will harvest a number of eggs from your ovaries. These eggs will then placed in a dish the same day they are harvested with a large number of sperm from your partner for fertilization. Once this has been achieved, around 2-5 of the fertilized eggs will be implanted into your uterus for implantation. Finally you will begin regular progesterone treatment and wait for implantation. Sometimes more than one egg will implant, but it is possible that none will in some cases.


If pregnancy occurs then the process has been a success. You will carry the child as if in a normal pregnancy and you may continue the progesterone treatment invariably. Of course, it is important to have your pregnancy monitored regularly by your doctor to ensure the health of you and your child. IVF is a lengthy and expensive process, but for many couples, it is the only option for pregnancy. This makes it well worth it for those who are unable to conceive from other options. Hopefully this will help you answer the question of what is IVF.

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