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The Relationship Between Ovulation and Fertility
When you are trying to conceive, it is important to understand the correlation between ovulation and fertility. There are many things that you can do in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant, and knowing more about when you are most fertile is the best way to do just that. This means...

How Your Weight Affects Your Fertility

Posted Thursday, June 4, 2009 9:51 PM

Weight Affects FertilityFor those couple who are trying to have a child, they may consider multiple factors; is there something medically wrong? What if someone in the relationship smokes? Does their smoking affect the fertility of one or both of the partners? Because fertility is a touch subject at best, and can be incredibly confusing and complex, many fail to understand the full range of factors that can affect fertility and the ability to conceive. One factor that many couples fail to fully understand is weight; weight can have an important influence in terms of fertility.

There have been multiple studies done to understand fertility and the factors that can cause it to raise or lower. The fact that obesity can cause a plethora of health problems has been well documented over the years. What new research is finding, however, is that obesity can affect fertility and conception through both males and females.

If one, or both, of the people in a relationship are obese, they could be looking at a tough road ahead of them in term of fertility and conception. Research done has shown that obese couples (both the man and woman obese or overweight) can have serious issues as far as fertility and conception is concerned; they are far more likely to take over a year to conceive a child.

The research was done with an astounding amount of couples; over 47,000. The researches picked out those couples who were obese; this accounted for nearly 1.5% of the sample. The information was taken from the body mass index and the information gained from the study. The study found that overweight women had an almost 80% chance of being less fertile. Overweight men had nearly a 50% chance of being less fertile. While this data does not completely confirm the idea, it can give a glimpse into the fact that obesity can cause fertility issues in both males and females in a relationship.

One of the reasons that this issue can occur may come in the form of the diet of the couple; food has been linked to fertility in both positive and negative ways. If someone is obese, and is known for not being healthy, they may not be getting the nutrients and vitamins they need to increase their fertility. If they are eating unhealthy, this may cause them to have lower fertility rates. It’s important to eat healthy and take care of your body when trying to conceive. Those who are in a relationship where both members are obese may realize that this could be a factor in their fertility struggles.

Fertility is an interesting field; it is complex and confusing, but ultimately leads to conception. Science is constantly looking for answers as to what can affect fertility in both a positive and negative way. For those who are obese, they could be affecting the conception skills, as their body may not hold the fertility needed to conceive.

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