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Fertility is the main factor that families consider when trying to conceive children. Those who have no problem getting pregnant may not give a second thought to fertility. Those families who are having a hard time conceiving, however, pay a lot of attention to fertility. Because of possibly low...

Gaining an Understanding of the Causes of Infertility

Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2:07 PM

Understanding of the Causes of InfertilityIf you are trying to conceive and having trouble, then you are probably interested in the various different causes of infertility. In most cases, infertility is caused by one of a few common things. The good news is that some of these causes can be corrected, but in some cases they cannot be fixed without the help of infertility treatment. The best way to understand why you are infertile is to talk to your doctor. They can help you look into the options that are available to you in order to help you get pregnant.

Decreased Quality of Eggs

One of the main causes of infertility has to do with the quality of the eggs that are released by the ovaries. When you think about it, in order for an egg to become fertilized and become a baby, it needs to be healthy. Unhealthy eggs almost never become fertilized, and if they do they rarely implant themselves into the uterus causing a pregnancy. There are several causes for eggs to be lower quality, and they usually have to do with damage to the reproductive system in some way.

Certain Medications

Prescription drugs can sometimes be one of the common causes of infertility. A lot of people take prescription drugs for one thing or another in their lifetime. If you are currently taking a prescription and are trying to become pregnant, you may want to talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if it is a drug that can cause you to be less fertile. If so, then you may want to discuss your options for changing up your medication if it is possible. Changing your medications, or stopping them entirely may be all it takes for you to get pregnant.

Ovarian Cysts and Fibroids

Women are sometimes the victim of ovarian cysts and fibroids. Most of the time, these are not something that should cause any concern as they are usually benign (non cancerous). They can, however, be one of the causes for infertility that women have to deal with. As women get older, their chance for cysts and fibroids starts to increase. Sometimes, they are small but sometimes they can grow to be larger. When they are larger, they can get in the way of fertility which can sometimes be frustrated. If you have a cyst or fibroid, talk with your doctor about ways to get rid of them.

Your Biological Clock

You have probably heard women say that their biological clock is ticking away, which means that they are getting older. While it is still possible to get pregnant on into your fifties, and in rare cases even older than that, it is not likely. The best age to become pregnant is before the age of 40. As you get older, the causes of infertility start to increase, thus making it more difficult to become pregnant- which is why most women try to conceive before they reach this age.

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