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Exterior Factors That Can Affect Your Fertility

Posted Thursday, June 11, 2009 9:51 PM

Things That Affect FertilityFertility is a somewhat interesting aspect of pregnancy. For some couples who are trying to have children, getting pregnant is easy. They have no problem whatsoever, and can get pregnant really easy. For others, however, they continue to attempt to get pregnant, but fail to see results. They may go to the doctor to look for medical reasons that they cannot have a child, only to find no results. For some, the choices they make with their lifestyles, whether is be smoking or eating, can affect their fertility. Knowing how certain aspects of your life can affect your fertility and chances of getting pregnant can help you when trying to have a child.

Smoking is notorious for being linked to a massive amount of negative health affects and ailments. Doctors generally see this as the most influential outside factory in terms of fertility. Smoking not only affects females; smoking affects the fertility of males as well. Smoking can drastically reduce the sperm count, as well as the health of the actual sperm itself. In terms of females, smoking seriously hampers the chances of getting pregnant. If you feel that your spouse smokes, but because you don’t, your fertility is unaffected, think again.

Recent studies have shown that second hand smoke can have the same affect on fertility as actually smoking can. Something important to understand, however, is that this smoking does not necessarily do permanent damage. By quitting smoking, you can increase your fertility rates, both male and female.

Are you stressed? There are signs that say stress can actually affect fertility. Because stress is known to affect the body in multiple ways, it makes sense that it can also affect the reproductive system. Because stress is so powerful, it can lower the fertility of both males and females. Taking steps to try and reduce the amount of stress you and your body may be under can help increase fertility and the possibility of getting pregnant.

Another aspect of someone’s life that can affect their fertility rates is the food that they eat. Believe it or not, the type of food that someone eats can affect their chances of having children. If someone is not meeting the levels of certain nutrients that they need, they will have a harder time with fertility. There are certain vitamins and minerals that are important to trying to get pregnant.

There are a million things out there that can affect fertility. Whether it be smoking, stress, or food, multiple aspects of someone’s life can affect their fertility and their chance to have a child. While these things may not completely clear the air in terms of why someone has poor fertility, they can at least give some insight for those who are attempting to have a child. By changing these aspects, it may make your chances of having a child better by increasing your fertility.

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