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Smoking Can Affect Male Fertility

Posted Saturday, December 6, 2008 9:51 PM

Smoking and Male FertilityFertility is the main factor that families consider when trying to conceive children. Those who have no problem getting pregnant may not give a second thought to fertility. Those families who are having a hard time conceiving, however, pay a lot of attention to fertility. Because of possibly low fertility, they may not be able to have a child. While many focus on fertility in terms of the female, few tend to think of fertility from the man’s perspective. While smoking is known to harm humans and those around them, smoking has been known to severely affect fertility. What many people again fail to understand is that smoking can heavily affect male fertility.

According to a study funded by Philip Morris, smoking can affect a man’s fertility. Sperm was compared, smoker to non smoker. They watched the sperm and it’s actions; unfortunately, the males who smoked had more problems with their sperm. Therefore, the researchers concluded that there is a significant drop in fertility with men who smoke often and heavily. Another major affect that smoking had on fertility is the fact that the DNA that is in the sperm can be affected. This may transfer the DNA to their child (if the couple does manage to become pregnant).

To compare yourself to the study, it is important to understand how the study went about. The smokers in the study smoked a minimum of four cigarettes a day for more than two years. The test that they performed had to deal with the sperm of the males and their ability to bind to an actual egg. The sperm for two thirds of the smokers in the study failed to pass the test. This shows that the fertility ability of a smoking mail is severely hampered.
The belief, from the study, is the idea that sperm responds to nicotine, just like the rest of the cells in the human body. According to the researchers, when they exposed sperm to nicotine, it altered many of the important functions of the sperm. When the sperm are altered by nicotine, they fail to act as they should. When the sperm fail to act as they should, it can cause fertilization problems. When the sperm cannot function normally, they will fail to fertilize an egg.
Fertilization is a process that is very complex and complicated. The male and the female must have the right fertility at the right time to be able to have a child. This process is incredibly easy for some couples. Other couples struggle with fertility for years at a time. It is important for couples to realize that fertility is a two sided coin; males can also affect fertility. If the male in a relationship smokes, it severely hampers his fertility and can lead to problems when trying to conceive a child. Managing to quit smoking can the chances of a couple who have one or more in the couple smoking.

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