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Increase Fertility With Common Sense
Fertility is a major issue for couples who are trying to get pregnant. Some couple may not have to deal with the issue of fertility at all. Other couples are trying to get pregnant, but cannot figure out why it isn’t happening. Often, the case revolves around fertility. While some cases of a...

How Smoking Affects Fertility

Posted Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:51 PM

Smoking and FertilityFor those who are attempting to get pregnant, and are having trouble, fertility can be an issue. If a couple is struggling with a fertility problem, they may reach for their doctor to tell them of some major health issues. There are some cases, however, in which certain life choices can affect the fertility of both cases. One of those choices is the choice to smoke. It is a widely accepted fact that smoking can affect an unborn child. Smoking can affect fertility, however.

The toxins that are found from smoking can affect the changes of pregnancy. These toxins can affect the fertility of the woman smoking. While it is still possible to get pregnant while someone is smoking, it can still reduce fertility. For those who are already having fertility issues, smoking can lower the fertility even more.
Smoking can reduce the amount of eggs that are produced by the woman. Because of this reduced egg count, it can be harder for the couple to get pregnant. The lower the egg count, the lower the chances of pregnancy. This is a way to significantly lower the fertility.

Because of the difficulty that some couple can have while trying to get pregnant, smoking can be a serious cause of a low fertility. While smoking may not be the only cause of a lower fertility rate, it can be a factor in a lower fertility. Don’t begin to think, however, that smoking can only affect the fertility of a female. Smoking can also affect the fertility of the male. The chemicals from the actual act of smoking itself can reduce the fertility of males. The sperm count is affected by the chemicals, but the chemicals also can physically affect a man’s reproductive symptoms. The chemicals can alter the multiple aspects of fertility. Quitting smoking can severely increase the chances of fertility.

A couple who smokes can double the lowering of their fertility. If only one half of the couple smokes, it can still affect the other. Because of the chemical affects that second hand smoke can have on humans, it can affect the fertility in both. Second hand smoke can get into the system of the other individual and cause some of the same fertility issues that someone who is actually smoking can have. This is why smoking can be so serious; it can even cause fertility issues for those who are not smoking.

Fertility, or lack thereof, is a serious problem that couple across the world face for months or years at a time. Trying to be pregnant can be an exciting and emotional time for both people in the relationship. Unfortunately, there are health issues that can affect the fertility of the couple. On top of these health issues, there are certain lifestyle choices than can affect the fertility of one or both of the people in the couple.

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