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Three Simple Fertility Tips Anyone Can Use

Posted Sunday, September 28, 2008 2:51 PM

3 Simple Fertility TipsIf a couple has been trying for a few months to get pregnant—or maybe even for a year—perhaps they shouldn’t be so quick to slap themselves with a diagnosis of “infertile.” Maybe, for some couples, the answer might be to try a few do-it-yourself fertility tips first. These tips have been proven to have an effect on fertility, so it can definitely pay off to try them. And, it just might save the couple from spending thousands of dollars at a fertility clinic.

These three fertility tips aren’t difficult or out-of-the ordinary. In fact, they are probably things most people should already be doing anyway for reasons of cardiovascular health and lung health.

The first fertility tip is to maintain a healthy weight. Both being overweight and being underweight can affect a person’s fertility. If a person is not at a healthy weight, their ovulation can be disrupted and they can begin having hormonal imbalances. Underweight women have trouble with their menstrual cycles—some have very erratic cycles or none at all. Overweight women may ovulate normally (or not), but even if they do they have a much more of a chance of having difficulty in conceiving. This chance is up to 43% in women with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or greater.

So, whether weight loss or weight gain is needed, this fertility tip is greatly important. Of course, it is wise to check with a doctor before beginning any dietary changes.

Speaking of dietary changes, that brings us to fertility tip number two. This one involves eating healthy foods. Specifically, this fertility tip is about eating foods recommended by a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health. The study was done among 17,000 women, and researchers identified several foods that were helpful in improving a woman’s conception odds.

Among the foods that the study recommended are high-fiber, low-glycemic foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Also, try to eat more monosaturated fats (like olive oil) and less trans fats. Vegetable protein, like soy protein, is also suggested—while at the same time, so is a reduction in animal protein, like red meat. And finally, the last recommended food for this fertility tip is moderate amounts of high-fat dairy products. This includes cheese, milk, and ice cream! And, yes, it does say high-fat, not low-fat. But it also says moderate amounts, so keep that in mind.

The third and last fertility tip is to keep stress levels low. No, this certainly isn’t easy when dealing with infertility. But, people need to try to find outlets through which to release their stress (such as a counselor or therapist). They also need to find sanctuaries away from stress—places where they can get away from everything. A good example would be a quiet nook in a backyard garden. Or, people can try yoga—it has been shown to reduce stress.

Granted, following these fertility tips may not work for everyone—but, they may help some women. So, they are worth a try!

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