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Five Basic Questions About Infertility
One of the first things people want to know is what infertility actually is. When the reproductive system of a woman or man does not allow them to conceive this is considered infertility. The conception of a child is a wonderful thing. Yet when there is a problem with the reproductive system not...

How Obesity Affects Men's Fertility

Posted Thursday, January 8, 2009 9:51 PM

Obesity and Male InfertilityIssues with fertility can be a complete emotional ride for couples who are trying to have children all across the globe. While some couples have been lucky enough to have no problem getting pregnant whatsoever, other couples struggle on a yearly basis before they are able to finally conceive a child. Sometimes, a medical condition can keep one of the partners from being fertile enough to have a child. Other times, it can be a small medical issue that can be resolved in time. Other times, couples still struggle with fertility but are unsure as to why they are even having the issues in the first place. Fertility is something that can be changed, positively or negatively, in both males in females. While obesity can affect a female’s fertility in a more drastic way, it can still have an affect on male fertility and the couple’s chances of having a child.

Most people could not describe to someone the meaning of the word “obese” other than the fact that it means that someone is “really big” or “too big to be healthy”. There is a more scientific way of calculating whether or not someone is obese, however. There is a scale known as the body mass index. This index lists the “healthy weight” for males based on their age and height. There is a little bit of wiggle room with this “healthy weight”, as there is a healthy weight interval which they may fall around and still have a healthy weight. One the man starts to stray too far away from this scale though, they can be considered “over weight”. If they have passed this scale, they are given the term “obese”. Because these healthy weight intervals are conservative, and are not compared to someone who is stick skinny, being obese can be incredibly serious as far as health and fertility is concerned.

Researchers are not completely sure as to the connection between weight and fertility. Either way, however, research has shown that men who are over weight have more fertility problems than those who are considered to be a “normal weight”. Because of these fertility issues, a couple that has a man that is overweight can have a significantly harder time conceiving a child than a couple that has no overweight or obese members.

Fertility is something that is yet to be fully understood. Because of this, the diet of the overweight or obese person could have a severe affect on their fertility levels. If someone has a bad diet, they could be missing all of the important nutrients and vitamins that they need to be fertile. Generally, they could even be eating healthy but still fail to get the vitamins and minerals needed, and would then also be less fertile than they could be.

Men can have problems with fertility. Women can have problems with fertility as well. What is important to understand, however, is that knowing what affects fertility can help couples understand how they can have a better chance at conception.

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