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Males and Medical Infertility

Posted Monday, July 27, 2009 9:51 PM

Male Medical InfertilityWhen people think of medical infertility, they often think of women who are unable to actually have a child. For whatever reasons, this has been the stereotype that has stood the test of time as far as fertility is concerned. This is unfortunate, however, as many of the infertility cases that come up with couples are due to the infertility of the male. There are a multitude of reasons as to why and how men can have problems with fertility.

An incredibly important first step, as far as fertility is concerned, is to make sure that both of the individuals in the relationship are tested. The testing is incredibly important; this is the only way to know what exactly is causing the fertility problems. This can lead to treatment, if possible, to help possibly fix the fertility issue in whoever it may be. If the infertility issue is indeed within the male, and not the female, there are a multitude of medical reasons as to how the male is infertile. If the male is not producing any sperm whatsoever, then they have a semen problem known as “Azoospermia”. This can be an obvious cause of infertility, as sperm are needed for the process. If a man has “Oligiospermia”, that means that he has a low sperm count. Because of this low sperm count, it can be hard for the sperm to reach the egg, as the chances are lower. This can cause infertility it men as well. In more awkward or severe cases, some men have sperm that have problems moving, or may be changing and mutating; this can mean that they are unable to actually fertilize an egg, and would cause infertility in the male as well.

How can a man tell if they can fix their infertility or not? There are multiple tests that can figure out exactly what the problem is. Sometimes, a male will have an STD. Because of this STD, he will be infertile. Infertility can be caused by any sexually transmitted disease or infection; in fact, any genital infection whatsoever can lead to infertility in men. There are multiple other ways in which a man can have sperm or fertility issues. If a man has ED (erectile dysfunction), he will have issues with fertilization and fertility. A man may have issues with ejaculation, whether it be premature ejaculation, or issues with ejaculation that cause the sperm to not come out of the penis.

There are many more problems that males can have with fertility that are not listed here. Medical issues are plenty, but luckily, there is help for most of them that can allow a man to be fertile once again. This is why it is so important to have a male tested for fertility as well as a female; it is important to realize that fertility issues can come from both sources, instead of just one. Knowing the fertility of both of the partners can help to increase chances of conceiving a child.

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