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Secondary Infertility
Infertility is generally defined as the inability for a couple to conceive after a year of trying. Or, it can also be defined as the inability for a woman to carry a baby to term—if, she has suffered repeated miscarriages, in other words. But for some reason, many people are reluctant to apply...

Facts and Fiction About Male Fertility Issues

Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2008 9:51 PM

Male Fertility Facts and FictionBecause of the stereotypes that have managed to surround themselves around fertility issues, many fail to realize that it may not be the female with the issue. More and more, couples are realizing that fertility issues can fall on the man’s side of the situation. Because it takes two to fertilize, fertility issues can easily arise in either the male or female. There are certain facts and myths that surround male fertility issues however. For guys, it’s important to fully understand the situation to know how to best attack the fertility problem.

It’s important to understand the main causes of fertility issues in men to understand what can be done to correct them. The majority of issues with male fertility surround 3 main problems; a low sperm count, slow sperm movement, and abnormal sperm can all lead to male fertility problems. Sperm is obviously incredibly important in the fertilization process, so having a problem with sperm is equal to a fertility issue.

What can cause these issues? While doctors are not completely sure about what can affect male fertility problems, there are a few things that seem to have a connection. These few things, that seem to have a connection, can cause fertility issues, generally in both men and women.

If you smoke, whether it be cigarettes or drugs, this can seriously affect your fertility. Smoking is known to lower sperm counts, whether it be drugs or regular cigarettes. Because of the toxins and chemicals found from smoking (including nicotine), it can cause incredibly issues with fertility. Also, if you drink at a heavy rate, it can also affect sperm count, which can affect fertility and the ability for fertilization.

If you are overweight, it is important to realize that being overweight, or obese, can cause fertility issues. It can cause issues with sperm count and sex drive in men, which can lead to issues when trying to become pregnant. On the flip side of that, however, too much exercise can actually lower your sperm count. Because of the changes that happen to a man’s body when he works out, too much of the gym can lead to a smaller likelihood of being fertile.

One of the more interesting discussions that have yet to be scientifically proven is the fact that tight underwear can ruin sperm (as heat can kill them). It is well known that heat can hurt sperm, but to think that tight underwear can cause a low sperm count is interesting at best. It can’t hurt to try looser underwear, but this should not be relied on to fix a fertility problem.

While stereotypes have led many to believe that fertility issues are only with women need to stop. Fertility issues can happen to both males and females. It is important for both in the couple to get tested for fertility issues if a fertility problem is expected, as a hidden male fertility problem can lead to unneeded emotional struggle.

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