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Ladies: How to Know When Fertile?

Posted Saturday, December 1, 2012 2:32 PM

How to Know When You Are FertileIf you and your partner have decided to try and have a baby, then knowing when fertile is a great way to help the process. This is because the best way to ensure that fertilization is achieved is to engage in intercourse during ovulation. You can still get pregnant at other times, but this is your best bet. There are several ways to predict the time of your ovulation. It is important to pick a method that will work well for you. This article will detail one of the most common methods of predicting ovulation and increasing chance of pregnancy.

Tracking Your Monthly Cycle

If your cycle is regular, it can be a great way to estimate the time of ovulation each month. While it is not perfect, it can still offer a great way to estimate when fertile. In order to use this method properly, you will first need to know how long your cycle is from beginning to end, when it starts and when it ends. The best way to do this is to get a calendar and mark the day your menstrual cycle begins. You will want to keep track of the days until your next menstrual cycle, however do not count the first day of your next period because it begins a new cycle. This is the most important step in determining when fertile.

Finding Your Ovulation Day

The average time from ovulation is from around 12 to 14 days. You can use this information to estimate when fertile and plan ahead. To do this, you will take the day of your last menstrual period and subtract 14. Keep in mind that each woman’s cycle is a little different from the next so this day is estimation. What it does tell you is about a 3-4 day range in which you are most likely to be ovulating. Always remember that the range is about 3-4 days before the number you come up with because the egg will not live long without fertilization.

Increasing Conception Chances When Fertile

If you want to make sure that you conceive during this 4 day range you will want to begin having intercourse on the first day. The more frequent the intercourse, the more sperm is in position to fertilize the egg. It can live for up to five days, but the egg only lives for 24 hours at the most so this is why it is important to start early.

Other Fertility Signs

This method is not always precise so you may want to consider other methods along with it to help you know when fertile. Some signs to look for are slight cramping around the estimated date of ovulation and an increased amount of fluid in the vagina. There may also be tenderness in the breasts, and an increased sex drive. Some women even experience mild spotting when fertile. Keep these things in mind when you decide it is time to have a baby. They will help you increase your chances.

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