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Using A Chinese Fertility Chart To Find Gender

Posted Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2:08 PM

Discovering Gender with a Chinese Fertility ChartFor many years people have wanted to know the sex of their child and used methods like a Chinese fertility chart. Now days, this is possible through the use of ultrasound technology. Before ultrasound the only method available was the Chinese fertility chart. As the legend goes, the Chinese fertility chart was painted on the inside of a cave and the information in it accurately allowed you to predict the gender of your child. Some people have said that the chart can predict the gender of a child with an accuracy of 90% which is amazing. Today we know that it is most likely not true.
Reading the Chart
The Chinese fertility chart itself is fairly simple to use. It incorporates two things. The first variable on the chart is the age of the mother and the second is the month in which the child was conceived. When you match the two variables, you will then be able to see a result that shows you if the child will be a boy or a girl. No one knows what principles this chart was founded on, but it can be a fun way for people to guess the gender of their child before it is born.
Proper Use of the Chart
At first glance people tend to think the month listed is the actual birth month of the child. This causes them to quickly laugh off the chart because there are both girls and boys born every month, however the date actually refers to the month of conception. It must also be considered that the age of the woman plays an important role. A 27 year old woman might have a child of a different gender than one who is 28. Either way, the Chinese fertility chart is well worth a look for people who are expecting.
Fun Ways to Use the Chart
One way that people might try and use the Chinese fertility chart is by thinking back to the month of conception and determining what gender their baby should be. The results can then be compared with what their baby’s gender actually is once they are able to find out. Another thing that couples who are looking to have a child might do is plan their time of conception so that the result is the gender they want to have. Either way couples can enjoy the charts entertainment value.
Ultrasound Technology
Today, we can usually find out exactly what the gender of our baby will be through the use of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture. The unit sends the sound waves into the uterus of the mother and when they reflect back, the computer gathers this data and interprets it in the form of a picture on the screen. Through examination of the picture, skilled ultrasound techs can usually tell you the gender of your child with extreme precision. While the Chinese fertility chart may be fun, ultrasound is much more accurate.

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