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Facts and Fiction Surrounding Female Fertility

Posted Saturday, August 22, 2009 9:51 PM

Fertility Facts and FictionWhen it comes to fertility and fertility issues, everyone seems to be a doctor. Everyone seems to have the best advice, and they are willing to give it at any opportunity. The reality is, however, that fertility issues are incredibly complex, and no stereotypes or myths can help take care of the issue. There are many myths surrounding fertility, and many are untrue.

If you have ever heard someone tell you that fertility issues are uncommon, and that everyone else can get pregnant without a problem, it was a lie. Fertility issues are incredibly common in society; couples around the world deal with fertility issues constantly. While some are less severe than others, they still exist. And if someone has told you that fertility, if it happens, is solely a female problem, you have heard yet another damaging stereotype. Men have almost as many issues with fertility as women do. A fertility situation and problem can often be a man’s alone, without any fertility issues with the woman whatsoever.

When it comes with getting pregnant, everyone has opinions. If you’ve ever heard someone tell you that you’ll get pregnant with time, they were misinformed. As many people realize (especially women who are getting older), females are more fertile at a younger age. As a woman gets older, she becomes less fertile. Waiting for “time” to take care of a fertility issue doesn’t make sense; if the fertility issue is a medical issue, no time in the world will take care of the fertility problem on its own. If it’s a medical problem, treatment is needed to fix the situation. If anyone has ever told you to relax, and that it will help, they may not be correct. While stress can cause problems with fertility, it usually is not a major factor. Simply trying to “relax” is going to do about as good of a job fixing fertility issues as time is.

While the timing of sex is incredibly important for couples who are trying to get pregnant, worrying about what position you have sex in is generally a waste of time. In terms of ejaculation and orgasm, sex is sex; the position it happens in generally isn’t going to affect the chances of conception. Also, if anyone has ever tried to tell you that you just were not meant to have a kid, this is wrong. A medical problem can generally be fixed; if it cannot however, it’s not because you would be a “horrible parent”. It’s simply because your body has an issue that will not allow it to be fertile.

If you are trying to have a child but are having fertility issues, it is incredibly important to be able to separate fact from fiction. If you are a friend of a family who is having fertility issues, it is important for you to understand the situation to it’s fullest to understand what is going on. Fertility issues are serious and emotional, and should be treated as seriously as it deserves.

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