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Even More Ways That Fertility Can Be Affected

Posted Saturday, February 14, 2009 9:51 PM

Ways That Your Fertility Can Be AffectedFor those who are trying to have a child, their attempts can go in multiple ways. Some people may have an incredibly easy time when they try to have children. For others, their multiple attempts to have a child fail. Some may have health reasons that prevent them from having children because of their low fertility. For others, they have no health problems that would affect their fertility. Because of that, there may be outside factors that could affect this fertility. There are multiple things that people can do to attempt to increase their fertility rates in attempt to have children.

One of the more popular ways to attempt to increase fertility is by increasing the nutrients and plants that people with a lower fertility eat. While some call these natural remedies, in the end, it’s all about attempting to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals that doctors have found important to fertility. Because the intake of these certain foods and minerals can help fertility, they are seen as “remedies” for poor fertility. For males, Zinc and Folic acid have been studied in terms of fertility. It has been found to increase sperm count, which in turn increases chances of having children. Folic acid is also seen to help females with fertility, along with Vitamin E, Iron, and Magnesium. There are multiple other vitamins that can help females improve their fertility, and something that may be unexpected; green tea. Studies have found that these vitamins and minerals can help both males and females improve their fertility rates.

In a step toward eating more “green”, it has been found that pesticides may have an affect on the fertility of both males and females. The chemicals used can affect estrogen and testosterone levels. Because these two things may affect the reproductive system, they affect fertility. The chemical found in pesticides that kills flies and mosquitoes can actually impair the reproductive system of women. While this is not necessarily a solid fact, studies out there are beginning to show that these things can actually affect fertility.

A small thing that could blow up as a large affect on fertility is somewhat ironic. While fertility is often found in late nights of fun, there are certain studies that have begun to show that sleep can actually help a woman’s fertility. The same reaction that occurs during sleep that can help weight regulation actually can affect fertility. While it is not quite solid that sleep can affect fertility to an extreme level, it may be able to affect it somewhat.

Fertility is incredibly important. For those who are able to have children, their fertility is fine. They do not have to try to look at their lives and how their actions can affect fertility. For those who are having trouble with having children, however, fertility can be a problem. By understanding what things may have an affect on fertility, they will be able to attempt to raise their chances of having a child.

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