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Financing Your Infertility - How To Help Financial Help

Posted Tuesday, June 30, 2009 9:51 PM

Fertility Treatment FinancingWhen a couple begins to have problems with infertility, it can be quite overwhelming. Not only because they have to have all kinds of tests and evaluations done—but also because of the costs involved in getting treatment.

From doctor office visits to fertility drugs to artificial insemination procedures and donor costs—expenses can add up rather quickly. And chances are, the couple’s insurance will not cover everything that is necessary. But most couples don’t want to just give up…

Luckily, there are some ways that couples can find assistance with these expenses. Some companies offer infertility financing programs.

Granted, not every couple is going to be qualified to get infertility financing. And not every procedure or every medicine is covered under some infertility financing programs. But there are programs are available that help some couples—and they are worth trying for.

If you do an internet search for “infertility financing” or “infertility loan” you will definitely see a lot of results. But, it is important to remember that some of these results are likely scams, just as any online loan program could be. So, before you fill out any application or give out any information, make sure you research the company thoroughly.

To research a company, first of all make sure that they have good contact information on their website—including a physical address (not just a post office box) and phone numbers. They should have a page telling how long they have been in business as well. Go to some infertility forums and ask about the infertility financing company—see if anyone can tell about their experiences with that particular company. It would obviously be a bad sign if no one on any infertility forum has heard of the loan company you are researching.

Another way to find infertility financing would be to approach the fertility clinic or doctor you visit. Explain your financial situation and ask if they offer financing. Many clinics and doctor’s offices do let patients arrange payment plans—all you have to do is ask. Some may even be willing to reduce prices on certain things (for example, perhaps the standard office visits).

Infertility financing can also come from another source—drug companies. The major drug companies understand that many people have trouble paying for medicines. So, they do offer hardship programs where they will give their drugs to patients for free—if you fit the qualifications for their program. So, if you are taking any fertility drugs, find out who the manufacturer is and contact them. You can look on the manufacturer’s website or find their toll-free number.

If all of those avenues fail, couples may be able to get infertility financing through their bank. Of course, the couple will be more likely to succeed with this if they have good credit, though. But all the couple has to do is talk to a loan officer at their bank about taking out a personal loan.

Infertility is costly to treat—hopefully some of these options will help it become more affordable for some couples.

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