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Five Basic Questions About Infertility
One of the first things people want to know is what infertility actually is. When the reproductive system of a woman or man does not allow them to conceive this is considered infertility. The conception of a child is a wonderful thing. Yet when there is a problem with the reproductive system not...

Other Ways to Increase Your Fertility

Posted Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:51 PM

Increase Fertility With Common SenseFertility is a major issue for couples who are trying to get pregnant. Some couple may not have to deal with the issue of fertility at all. Other couples are trying to get pregnant, but cannot figure out why it isn’t happening. Often, the case revolves around fertility. While some cases of a lowered fertility come from medial issues, there are other cases that have no severe medical issues. There are some tips and tricks, however, that can help both males and females increase their fertility. Increased fertility can help couples finally get pregnant and have their child.

Knowing your weight, and keeping it controlled, can help fertility. Keeping a healthy weight is a great way to increase your fertility and up your chances of getting pregnant. Anyone who is way above or way below their target healthy weight can have problems with fertility. Your body cannot deal with the unhealthy weight, and therefore will not attempt to get pregnant. The fertility will be low, and the chances of having a child can be even lower. While the problems tend to occur for those who are overweight, being severely underweight can also have cause fertility problems.

Eating healthy (which can go hand in hand with keeping your weight at a healthy level) can increase your fertility. There are two aspects of eating healthy that can help fertility. One aspect is to help you watch your weight; we’ve gone over how a healthy weight can help you with fertility. Making sure that you are getting enough of the healthy foods you need, while making sure that your intake of unhealthy foods is limited, can increase your fertility chances. The second aspect is a category of healthy foods know as “fertility foods”.

These foods have been found, through research, to possible increase the chances of fertility. Making sure that you take in monounsaturated fats instead of trans fats can help your fertility chances. Eating less red meat can increase your fertility chances. Eating whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can also help increase fertility. Also, eating high fat dairy products, such as ice cream and cheese, can increase fertility chances as well. Trying to wrap a diet around these “fertility foods” can help those who are trying to increase that fertility.

If you are consistently stressed, this could be causing more harm than good. It is well known that mental stress can affect multiple aspects of your body. The term “stress headache” has ingrained itself into society’s lexicon. This stress can also affect fertility. A stressed body is less likely to have a high fertility. Simply trying to calm yourself down, whether it be through calm music or massages, may help you increase your chances of fertility.

Couples across the world are trying to get pregnant. For those who are having some issues with fertility, these tips may be able to help them increase their fertility and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

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