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Choose The Right Fertility Clinic

Posted Saturday, April 4, 2009 9:51 PM

Choosing A Fertility ClinicThousands of couples face infertility issues each year. These couples have not been able to conceive naturally after trying for a year or more. Many times the problem can be corrected easily with medication. Sometimes the doctor may refer the couple to a fertility clinic. It is important to know which fertility clinic you should choose.

The first thing to check out is the doctor. You will want a doctor who has been trained in infertility. The staff of the fertility clinic should also be trained in the infertility area. A doctor who specializes in reproductive endocrinology is a gynecologist who has chosen to study further and become a specialist. This degree encompasses another three years of training. You will want to make sure the fertility clinic you choose has this type of doctor on staff.

As well as the training, the experience is just as important. You want to choose a fertility clinic where the medical staff and fertility teams have experience dealing with your issues. This means asking questions about the reputation. You may not be inclined to ask for references because the fertility clinic will not give them to you. However you can ask about success rates. You can ask how many cases they assist each year. You can determine how long the fertility clinic has been in business.

It is important that the fertility clinic have been around for a while. Yet you do not want them to still be practicing the same old medicine. You want to know if they are up on the latest technological advances in the reproductive field. You need to check the laboratory to determine if it is state of the art or simply adequate. This is your body and your life. State of the art should wins hands down over adequate. The credentials of everyone at the fertility clinic should be checked. You want to know the staff is fully prepared and knows what to do about every experience you are going to have.

There are laws governing how a fertility clinic does things. One thing the clinic must do is report all statistics so the public can see the pregnancy rates of the fertility clinic. You will also want to know how personalized the treatment in the fertility clinic is. You are dealing with a delicate issue and will want a staff who can empathize with you during your treatments. There are going to be emotional highs and lows. The stress level is going to be high. You will want to find a fertility clinic which treats you as a person and not a statistic.

The counseling a fertility clinic provides is extremely important. There are going to be times when the treatment may seem totally fruitless. This is a normal feeling. The fertility clinic you choose should be able to recognize the emotional needs of their patients and be prepared to deal with them. Many couples who go through fertility treatment find that a solid support structure helps with the emotions and stress associated with the treatments. A quality fertility clinic will offer this support you will need.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. This is one of the biggest decisions of your life.

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