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How To Go About Choosing An Egg Donor

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2009 9:51 PM

Choosing An Egg DonorInfertility, or the inability to conceive or carry a baby to term after a year of trying, is a problem for many couples. There are many causes, and some involve a woman’s ability to ovulate. If a woman cannot ovulate, or if she cannot produce viable eggs, doctors will suggest that the couple consider using an egg donor.

An egg donor is any woman who donates her eggs for another woman to use for the purpose of getting pregnant. There are two types of egg donors.

The first type of egg donor is a known donor. This is someone the woman knows on a personal level and is also called a designated donor. A known donor could be a sister, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker.

The second type of egg donor is an anonymous donor. This type of donor is someone whom the woman does not know. Anonymous donors donate their eggs at donation agencies where their eggs are stored. Information is kept about the anonymous egg donors, such as their physical appearance and health

Most women try to choose a known egg donor if at all possible. This is because with this type of donor, the woman will know more information about the medical and personal background of the donor. Also, if the woman chooses a sister or other relative as the egg donor, she will still be genetically related to the resulting baby.

But, selecting a known egg donor is not always possible. Nor do all women want to choose this option. Some women prefer anonymous donors because they fear that a known donor will try to become too involved in the pregnancy and in the baby’s life. Women can find an egg donor agency by asking their doctor for a referral. Or, they can check with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) online to find qualified agencies in their area.

Selecting a specific egg donor may not be easy. Some guidelines suggest to choose a donor who is as close in physical make-up to the woman as possible. According to that theory, this will help to make the baby resemble the woman. While this is no guarantee that the baby will look like the mother, it is a helpful guideline for some women.

Other women prefer to choose an egg donor by looking at specific characteristics. Donor agencies will have information available about each of their donors.

Of course, medical history is probably the most important characteristic. But, other than that, height and race are likely the next two attributes that women consider. After all, most women prefer to have a baby that is the same race as they are. And, it is generally important to most people that their children are about the same height as they are.

Other features that can be considered are eye color, hair color, religious background, education level, and personal interests.

Not all women will need to use egg donors, but it is a very successful solution for many.

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