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The Hormone Cycle of a Woman
Each month a woman's body goes through some pretty extraordinary changes. These changes are what is commonly referred to as the hormone cycle. Keeping this hormone cycle in balance is what helps with menstruation, ovulation, and pregnancy. When the hormones are not in balance a woman may find...

The Battle Between Age and Fertility

Posted Friday, July 10, 2009 9:51 PM

Age and FertilityWhen it comes to having babies and getting pregnant unfortunately, time is not on our side. Recent studies have shown that the amount of time you wait to have children does matter. The newly released information does confirm that age does effect fertility, which is something that has been long debated. So, women who are trying hard to ignore their biological clocks will have a harder time now that they are ticking loader than ever before.

The world has really changed over the past few decades and becoming pregnant is getting pushed further back on many woman’s timelines. Careers are becoming the main priority for many woman in both an effort to be successful and in part to keep up with the rising costs of living. Additionally, many couples list work, travel and the desire to create savings as reasons for delaying starting a family.

Studies show that once a woman reaches the age of 35 their chances of getting pregnant begin to decrease. The quality of a woman’s eggs starts to decline each year starting around age 35 and she may stop ovulating as regularly. Even with a perfect situation and perfect health the likelihood of becoming pregnant is only around 15% each month.

When a person waits until later in life to start the process of trying to conceive the likelihood of them having difficulty is greater than it would have been if they had started in their prime child bearing years. It is important that if you start trying to conceive after age 35 you get checked out sooner rather than later for fertility issues, because your time to correct any issues is more limited.

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